Replacement Kitchen Cabinet Doors


There are few options when it comes to giving your kitchen a facelift. You could choose to do a full remodelling, but that would cost a lot of money. Next to that, you could reface your cabinets. But this is only an option if the cabinet doors are in good condition.

Replacement kitchen cabinet doors are the next best option, and it becomes a choice only when the cabinet doors aren’t in good working condition and can’t be refaced.
The kitchen is one of the best rooms in the home. Some may refuse to buy a house simply because the kitchen wasn’t up to their standards. Short of buying a home with a less than ideal kitchen and spending thousands of pounds trying to remodel it, the best choice is often not to buy.
But many people miss out on getting the home of their choice due to this. If you can’t remodel the kitchen, replacing your kitchen cabinets is a cheap way to give your kitchen a facelift.

Benefits of Replacement Kitchen Cabinet Doors 

  • It is Cheaper 

Changing cabinet doors is much cheaper than a full kitchen remodel. With a fraction of the money you’ll have used for a remodel, you can give your kitchen a facelift. 

  • Restoring Damage 

If your cabinets need replacement, then it is safe to assume that they are damaged or too old to be refaced. In any case, replacement kitchen cabinet doors replace damaged cabinets with new, better-looking ones. 

  • Improving Functionality 

You can’t compare old, traditional cabinet doors to the newer models and designs. In addition to an upgrade to style, the newer models are also more functional than the old ones. You won’t just be upgrading; you’ll be improving functionality. 

  • Fresh Look / Design 

The cabinets in your kitchen might are the chief players in the room. Any change to your cabinet doors wouldn’t just be noticeable; it’ll give your kitchen a brand new look. 

Types of Replacement Kitchen Cabinet Doors 

  • Raised Panel Kitchen Cabinet Door 

The raised panel cabinet door is a classic traditional cabinet design. It comes with a raised panel in its center surrounded by a shallow groove around the panel. 

  • Recessed Panel Kitchen Cabinet Doors 

The recessed panel kitchen is much like the raised panel cabinet door. The only difference is that there is a recession with raised edges in place of a raised panel. Replacement kitchen cabinet doors with recessed panels look sharp and angular. 

  • Shaker Cabinet Doors 

If caught between traditional and contemporary looks for your kitchen, try out this shaker cabinet door. It adopts a stylish bezel-less recessed panel in the middle. 

  • Mullion Cabinet Doors 

Million cabinet doors are made of two materials – glass and wood. They are recognizable by the glass grid in the centre of the wood. Million cabinet doors will make the best choice if you have beautiful china/stemware you’d like to display. 

  • Slab Cabinet Doors 

If your choice runs more towards minimalist designs, you’ll want to install this slab cabinet door. It looks flawlessly chic, continuous, and is quite easy to clean. 

Don’t stay any longer in a home that doesn’t make you feel happy and welcomed. Replace your kitchen cabinets today and begin to feel at home in your kitchen. Contact us today at KitchenIn and get the best cabinet doors.