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Thoughts and passions about fireplace

Thoughts and passions about fireplace

I had to leave my old home. When choosing a new home I was faced with a dilemma – with or without a fireplace. Of course, the thought of a glass of red wine with my loved one in front of the fireplace hindered my clear judgment. Nevertheless, I decided to explore the issue in more detail the advantages and disadvantages of the fireplace at home.

Fuel used


Wood is the cheapest fuel. You can purchase them cut to different lengths, but it is possible to impose further slicing them with an ax or a special machine. The raw woods are not suitable for firewood because they have high humidity (50-65%) and emit nearly twice less heat than dead trees. Good moisture of the wood to be lower by 15-20%, which is achieved in about two years storage in a shed in a ventilated area.


Heating with wood can be the most economical, but appliances on pellets are one of the most practical and ecological solutions. At the same weight, the energy content of the pellets is 2 times higher than that of wood and stocking them is easy, since they are not bulky and do not take up much space. In addition, they are environmentally friendly fuel because they are made from renewable sources – they are produced from pure sawdust, compressed under high pressure without the addition of adhesives or other substances. Great advantage of pellets is the very little separation of soot. The ash is rich in potassium and phosphorus and may be used as a valuable material for fertilization.

Capacity and Efficiency

It is necessary to estimate the approximate size of the room, which will heat. For well insulated home can predict 40W per cubic meter. The efficiency is also a key criterion when choosing a heater. Higher efficiency means less fuel consumed for heating and less maintenance of the chimney and flue system. For example, at 80% efficiency, 80% of the consumed energy is released as heat.

Fireplace to your taste

Fireplaces with water jacket

They have several key advantages that make them a very good solution for heating the whole house. They work on the principle of convection – a part of the heat is given in the room where the fireplace is installed, and the other part is attributed to the water in the plant, which heats the other rooms through radiators. The walls are heated accumulate heat and continue to emit and then extinguished the fire in the fireplace. The water jacket prevents the outer walls of the unit to overheat, which is a serious advantage if you have small children.

Pellet fireplaces

They are the most economical, environmentally friendly, and innovative solution for heating. The initial investment is serious but paid for only a few years as the pellet fireplaces are extremely high efficiency (95%). Moreover, they are autonomous – on a single charge can burn 24 to 120 hours, easily loaded and maintained – during combustion emit very little soot, managed automatically and ignition and fire are programmable. Besides manually from the digital screen, you can manage them with the remote control or mobile phone.


Now you’re familiar with the basic niceties in choosing a fireplace for your home. I forgot to tell you that I used the services of buzybeescleaning¬†end of tenancy cleaners when I moved out from my rented house. It is a good cleaning option.

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