Why Does the Spring Clean in London Differ So Much?

No matter where you are living, what your job or devotions are, no matter if you are married or not, if you have children or not, if you have free time or not, there comes a time every year, when you know that a single, simple-sounding task is awaiting you.

Every spring millions of people, to be honest, mostly women, have to face and moreover cope with the hard and time-consuming spring cleaning. It is good for the house and it somehow prepares everyone for a lovelier weather and another time of the year. So many are those who sacrifice their weekends, much of their free time or a specific amount of their savings for a spring cleaning. But generations after generations people are performing this cleaning, proving that it is not a trend and it is not transitory. On the other hand, when you come home after such a cleaning, you find your house truly transformed, heavenly perfect and you feel super satisfied. It boosts your energy, brings joy to your heart and makes you happy in a strange way that could be neither explained nor understood so easily. But if you live in London, you maybe have a little bit different perception of this cleaning. And no, there is nothing discriminatory in this statement.

There is just a distinction that could be seen so clearly and deserves to be discussed. 

The Weather

You so often see those happy ladies that enjoy the warm weather and the sunbeams while washing the windows and cleaning the house. Everything seems so idyllically in every picture or cleaning product advertisement that you are nearly ready to grab the microfiber cloth and start polishing every surface in the house right now. However, the reality is not that flawless. And especially the London reality is way more unpleasant for sure. The clouds are always there. The weather is gloomy and you have desire to wake up and go to work and yet not to say to clean the entire house. And even if you decide to perform this clean up, the second you climb on a chair to reach every corner of the window, raindrops are starting to fall and destroy the perfection of the just polished and treated glass. So if you wait for the perfect moment for a spring clean, you may be waiting forever. In London there is no such one.

The Free Time (or the lack of it)

Let’s face it. The charming London residents have no free time. You are either working, travelling, eating, sleeping, talking with friends, and catching up. And in the few moments when you have nothing to do, you prefer to do absolutely nothing. So the spring clean is not on the list at all. Luckily, there are some good people who are here to save your life and your security deposit, as well. The professional cleaners are making your house shine in hours only and are leaving you truly satisfied. So trust them.